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“Hi, dear friend. My name’s Alina. I help people learn and use foreign language knowledge for career growth, international business operation, traveling or moving abroad. 

As a creator of Merci ABC translation and business service agency I provide you with high quality translation\interpretation in five languages such as English, German, Ukrainian, Persian and Russian. 

My specialization in digital marketing (7 years in SMM and SEO copywriting) has given me the chance to work with professional digital marketers from the USA, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Consequently, I can also contribute to your business digital development.”

Merci ABC is your map of opportunities.

We make it possible for everyone to express themselves in non-native languages. It brings you to the new goal level with international contracts, exploration of various cultures, and gaining education abroad. 

There is an immense potential in being multilingual, and we do our utmost to ensure that your new expertise adds to life progress. 

What can you get from us? 

Online language courses are developed for student convenience including schedule flexibility, safe Zoom video platform and rapid efficient result.
Our interpretation services are far beyond a professional and high quality interpretation. We can integrate you into culture, business aspects and foreign country life standards. 

We implement translation of: websites, contractual documentation, catalog and product information, films, scientific literature, academic works, business correspondence and more. 

Contact us today to start your next day with +1% to the success.