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Merci ABC provides state-of-the-art translation and interpretation services built on 12 years professional experience; cross-cultural characteristics to establish constructive international interaction; intensive contribution to the global business integration and cooperation; worldwide language practice.


What interpretation/translation offers you can opt for?


The agency works with a particular language niche giving the possibility to choose and combine any of 5 optionals: English – German – Persian – Ukrainian – Russian. These are covering top translation service client demands such as business related commercial translation, technical content translation, translation of medical documents, website translation, and multimedia translation. 


Interpretation services are fulfilled according to request dynamics, technology development and time management. Merci ABC connects people, countries and continents via win-win combination of mobile, video or phone technologies and efficient interpretation.


Moreover, we deliver emergency translation / interpretation at the same-day need. 


Decide on the kind of interpretation at your convenience and requirement:

  1. Simultaneous interpreting for major meetings, conferences and international trade shows or workshops. 
  2. The most required consecutive interpreting at personal meetings, business visits or negotiations.
  3. Navigate in a foreign country ordering escort/traveling interpreting from the meeting at the airport to multi-million business deals.
  4. OPI and On-Demand Phone interpretation for successful communication across the world. 


Build your map of opportunities with Merci ABC, translation services provider!